We need your help!!!!

100% of all donations will go to the relief of typhoon Haiyan.  

100% Accountability and Transparency.

Help volunteers get medications and perishable items to those
are in need directly with accountability and transparency.

I will post updated pictures, receipts, donations, and progress
reports on daily basis.

All people who are involved in this project are all volunteers so
100% of all funds will be used to buy medications, food, and

Carl and Jade Nituda  $300.00
CJ Nituda $20.00
Rayne Nituda $50.00
Vincent Munoz $50.00
Vivian Siu $30.00
Lindsey Miller $35.00
Branden Wei Quan C $125.00
Marietta Umbac $65.00
Justin LaMonica $50.00
North Valley Dermatology Center $1,000.00
Anonymous donor SF $200.00

*Cash Donations will get tax-deductible receipt from Love Made Visible

100% of your donations will be used towards relief goods.  I Carl
Nituda will be personally be there on Nov. 21!
Follow me on facebook for updates.
Cash donations should be sent to Jade Nituda or use paypal
address as so we can track the funds
in the site.

Clothing, Medications, Supplies can be dropped off or shipped in
2 locations:

May Quiambo                                Jade Nituda
2757 Swallowtail Way                    141 Echo Peak Terrace
Chico, CA 95973                            Chico, CA 95928
(530)774-7929                               (954) 536-0681
100% Accountability and Transparency to ensure all
donations will be used correctly and appropriately.
Pictures are captured from
various sources such as AP,
USA Today, FB, & cellphones.

I'll keep updating.
Your name or company will be
placed here with the amount

11/15/2013 First Aid Relief will be deployed in Tacloban and Ormoc City.

11/30/2013 LBC Pickup in Chico for shipment of medications, food, clothing, and supplies.

05/20/2014 Ormoc City Medical/Humanitarian Mission for 3 days.
email me to join.

06/02/2014: Bohol Medical/Humanitarian Mission for 3 days.  email me to join.

11/14/2013: 2000.  A generous donor is sending medications, relief
goods, and $200 cash.

11/14/2013:1200.  North Valley Dermatology Center in Chico donated
$1,000 along with medications.

11/13/2013:705.  Thanks Lindsey for your donation.  Great job Branden,
even though your traveling, you still manage to help out.  

11/12/2013:2117.  I purchased my airfare so I will be in Cebu on Nov. 12,
2013 to be the coordinator.  I will guarantee all funds donated will be for
acquiring relief goods.

11/12/2013:1930.  Bought solar panel lamps, equipments, and goods at
Costco using personal funds.  No electricity there so I have to get ready.

11/12/2013:0653.  Volunteer Mark took a picture of what $30.00 can buy.

11/11/2013:1640.  Vivian from UM donated $30, first one to use paypal.
Thank You.

11/11/2013:13:59. I talked to the volunteers via facebook and they told
me that even though people give boxes, not all of it will be given away.  
Organizations will give them to local government and those government
ends up giving those away to their family members or friends and those
people sell them in the streets or stores.  Go around Philippines and you
will see stores called "Okay Okay", generally those are donated clothes
and suppose to be for the people but those people sell them for profit
and non of it goes to the intended people.  

11/11/2013:1300. Yay, Bong pledge to donate $50.00; every penny
count.  I've also donated another $50 for my mom and donated another
$20 for my son.  I will only donate $300 for my wife and me because i
helped by dad with his house that he lost in Bohol and my wife's mother's
house was lost in Ormoc after the typhoon.  I'm pretty sure we will help
more of her family so we've set aside money for them but we also wanted
to help other people so that's why we donated some funds.

11/11/2013:0700. Started emailing contacts via facebook and word of
mouth and no one seems to help.  Everyone is caught up in their lives
that its getting frustating to get funding.  They all say, I've donated to the
red cross, catholic relief, etc., but they don't do their research.. those
organizations only give cents per dollar!!! We are giving directly but and
have accountability but no one seems to want to help.  Regardless, I
know my wife and I tried to raise as much as money as we can for the

11/10/2013:1500. Webpage is setup.. Yay!!
This is what $30.00 worth will buy..
food, water, toiletries, and medications.

I will personally be in Cebu Nov. 21, 2013 to buy the relief goods
and give medications to volunteers.  
100% of your funds will be used to get the relief goods.
All volunteers like myself paid for our airfare, hotels, and are
bringing supplies but we need more funds to pay for relief goods
like water and food to distribute to affected people.